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Gum Sculpting

At Redwoods Dental, our dentists use gum sculpting to alter the appearance of your gum line, remove extra tissues, and trim off parts of gums affected by periodontitis.

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Let Your Smile Shine Through

For patients that have teeth that seem smaller than normal because of a 'gummy' smile, have small growths of extra gum tissue, need to have parts of their gums trimmed to remove pockets of periodontitis, or simply would like to change the look of their smile, gum sculpting may be the treatment for them.

Gum sculpting, also called gum recontouring or gingivectomy, is the process of removing small parts of a patient's gums to alter the appearance of their gum line and encourage their oral health. 

How does gum sculpting work?

At Redwoods Dental, a member of our team of dentists will assess your smile and speak with you about whether or not gum sculpting is a suitable treatment for your desired outcome.

Before beginning gum resculpting treatment, your mouth will be numbed to avoid pain or discomfort. Your dentist will use specialized gum sculpting tools designed to cut excess gum tissue safely and with minimal pain or discomfort. 

Gum sculpting treatments usually take around one hour, with that timeline varying based on how extensive the sculpting is. After your treatment, your gums may feel tender and may take up to two weeks to heal from the procedure. 

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Gum Sculpting at Redwoods Dental, BC

  • Gum sculpting allows us to address cosmetic concerns you may have with a 'gummy' smile and can help your mouth's tissues recover from periodontal disease.
    - Dr. Sorbo

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