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Bite Reconstruction

Dr. Sorbo works with patients to plan out bite reconstruction treatments at Redwoods Dental in order to address misalignments and damaged smiles. 

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What is Bite Reconstruction?

Bite reconstruction describes a series of restorative dental treatments designed to work together to help improve the health and function of your smile. Sometimes this treatment is called a 'minor facelift' as well, because of the effect it can have on the alignment of your smile and the shape of your jaw.

Generally speaking, bite reconstruction involves the replacement of missing teeth, realignment of teeth still in the mouth and the repair of any cracked or damaged teeth in order to improve a patient's bite and, as a result, their oral health and the function of their smile.

If serious misalignments or crowding aren't addressed through bit reconstruction treatments, they can result in severe symptoms and further health issues like headaches, cracked and lost teeth, the inability to speak and chew properly and more.

Dr. Sorbo works closely with his patients to create a treatment plan that will return their oral health through bite reconstruction while fitting in their preferred timeline and budget.

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  • Bite restoration adjusts the occlusion - or points of contact - between your top and bottom rows of teeth to help you achieve a functional and healthy bite for the rest of your life.
    - Dr. Sorbo

Functional Occlusion

Dr. Sorbo subscribes to a school of thought called functional occlusion when it comes to comprehensive oral treatments like bite reconstructions.

Occlusion is the term for the position of each of the teeth when the mouth is closed. Functional occlusion is when a mouth's bite healthily supports these functions sustainably and without abnormal wear and tear on teeth, regardless of its appearance.

Based on this, Dr. Sorbo is committed to prioritizing functional occlusion over cosmetic concerns when it comes to bite reconstructions. This means is strives to identify when an abnormal-looking bite is actually impacting a patient's health, and only recommends cosmetic procedures as part of his bite reconstruction plans when the patient has expressed interest in them.

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