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Invisalign Smile Quiz

Are you curious to learn more about whether or not Invisalign clear aligners are an orthodontic treatment option for your smile? Get started with our Smile Quiz below.

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5 Steps to a Straighter Smile

Invisalign clear aligners from Redwoods Dental can be a convenient option for straightening your smile.


First Consultation

We begin our treatment by assessing your smile to learn whether or not treatment with Invisalign would be suitable for your smile. We will then use a digital scanner to create a 3D scan of your smile and create a preview of what it might look like after your treatment.


Custom Treatment Plan

Based on the choices made in your first appointment, we will map out a specific Invisalign treatment plan with timelines. Your plan will include the precise movement of your teeth that will happen with each set of aligners.


Begin Your Treatment

A series of custom Invisalign clear aligners will then be created just for you. You will wear them every day and will be able to remove them to eat, drink and clean your teeth. As your treatment progresses, your aligners will gradually begin moving your teeth.


Switch Your Aligners

About every 2 weeks, you will change to the next set of clear aligners. You may also have short checkups with your dental team – every six weeks or so – to review your progress. 


Maintain Your Smile

It's a very exciting day when you reach the end of your treatment. During your last appointment with us, we will speak with you about your next steps and you will receive a prescription for retainers to help you keep your teeth in their new positions. 

Your New Smile Awaits!

Begin with our Smile Quiz to see if Invisalign clear aligners might be the right fit for you.

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