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Read our dental blog for tips and advice about keeping your smile healthy and bright with information provided by our dentists and dental team.

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When Are Dental Crowns The Best Choice?

When you are having a tooth restored to its natural appearance your dentist may recommend fitting it with a dental crown. Our Langley dentists explain the situations in which dental crowns may be the best choice.

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Can My Dentist Help Me Get Diagnosed with Sleep Apnea?

In this post, our dentists in Langley discuss how dentists can help you obtain a sleep apnea diagnosis and address your concerns.

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How to eat with Invisalign

One of the reasons patients value Invisalign clear aligners for their orthodontic treatments is because they don't come with dietary restrictions and can be removed to eat. Here, our Langley dentist explains a few things you should know about eating when undergoing Invisalign treatment.

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What happens If my dental implant doesn't work properly?

While the majority of dental implant procedures are completed successfully, sometimes things go wrong or failures occur. There is no need to be concerned if your implant fails. Here, our Langley dentist helps our patients to recognize working signs of a failed dental implant and what your next steps should be.

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Are there side effects to teeth whitening?

Are you considering changing the appearance of your teeth with whitening, but are worried about the process' potential side effects? Here, our Langley dentists share some potential side effects that you may experience after teeth whitening procedures as well as how safe the procedure is generally and what your dentist can do to address your discomfort.

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