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What happens if I get off track with Invisalign?

Being consistent is crucial for the success of your orthodontic treatment using clear aligners. That said, with your dentist's help you can get back on track to a straighter, healthier smile. Today, our Langley dentists talk about what happens if you get off track with Invisalign and what can be done to 

Straightening Your Smile With Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign is becoming an increasingly popular option for adults and teens looking to straighten their teeth. The major appeal of Invisalign is how these clear aligners can fit into your lifestyle—they are discreet and can be removed for eating, drinking, and playing sports. However, you must wear your Invisalign clear aligners for no less than 22 hours a day throughout treatment to have the desired results.

What happens if you get off track with your Invisalign treatment?

If you do not wear your Invisalign clear aligners for the recommended period, you may find that they do not fit as well as they should or that there are gaps between your teeth and the aligners.

You should wear each set of aligners for 22 hours each day and at least two weeks before changing to the next set. If you do not wear your aligners regularly, your teeth will move more slowly, and you will be less likely to complete your treatment.

How can you get back on track?

Life happens, and occasionally you can get off track with your Invisalign treatment. Here are some simple strategies to help you get back on track:

Tell Your Dentist Right Away

Make an appointment with your veterinarian to discuss your treatment choices if you believe you are not following your prescribed course of action. Your dentist can assess your condition and advise you on when to restart your treatment.

Discuss Returning to a Previous Set of Aligners

It may be suggested that you return to your old clear aligners before beginning the treatment as planned. This keeps your teeth in the appropriate place so that when you acquire your new set, your treatment will go more smoothly. You can consult your dentist about which pair to wear and for how long.

Follow Your Dentist's Advice

If your old sets of aligners no longer fit correctly, your dentist may need to design a new set of aligners and change your treatment plan to help you get back on track. The earlier you visit your dentist, the less likely it is that you will require significant revisions to your treatment plan.

To make the most of your treatment and help it succeed, keep your dentists informed and continue to collaborate with them during treatment.

Have you been wearing your clear aligners less than you should? Contact our Langley dentists to schedule a visit today to help get you back on track.

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